Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is summer really half way over?

As a kid, I remember thinking that Fourth of July was my half-way point to summer ending.  Since I'm a teacher, I get that same feeling every summer.  I love the Fourth of July, but it is bittersweet because of that "half-way" feeling!
We have accomplished a lot this summer, though, so I can't really complain.  Drake's big accomplishment is he is officially potty-trained!  WooHoo!!!!!  For the first time in ten years, Shawn and I are not buying diapers!  I found myself turning down that aisle at the store the other day and got a little sad when I realized that I will probably never need to go down that aisle again! He's doing a great job of it though.  He's at that newly accomplished stage of potty-training.  You know... the one where the rest of us are totally over it, but he still feels he deserves a party every time he pees???  Life lesson number one buddy- once you show the world you can and are willing to do something, it just becomes expected! LOL
Daxton's big accomplishment is swimming!  He is swimming all over the pool now without any flotation device at all.  He is proud to be the youngest child in our family to do this.  The look on his face is priceless when he swims across the pool.
Delaney has learned to ride a two wheel bike suddenly.  She is very proud of this...especially because her learning to do this encouraged older brother Drew to finally learn to do it too.  Dawsyn has been riding a two-wheel bike for two summers now, but Drew doesn't view Dawsyn as a "younger sister" the way he does Delaney.
Dawsyn is getting to do her dream of going to horse camp this week. So that will be her big accomplishment this summer.
We have been busy, but its been a good busy with some good family time.  I love summer nights and watching movies, having bonfires, and catching fireflies.  I love going for runs in the middle of the day and spending days reading by the pool. And the kids have gotten to do some fun things--Big Time Rush concert, pedicures at home, Red, White, and Boom, travelling to festivals, Vacation Bible School, Golf for Drew, Kids in College for Drew and Dawsyn, horseback riding, Tennis for the older four, Drive-in movies, and lots of little moments that have made us all smile!  Hoping the second half of summer is just as fun for us.

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